Orthopaedics (Spine Surgery)

At B.P. Poddar Hospital, spinal surgery is often performed as an open procedure. In order for the surgeon to observe and access the spinal anatomy, the operating site must be opened with a lengthy incision. But as technology has advanced, more stable settings may now be created using minimum intrusion methods.

Minimally invasive spinal surgery (MISS) takes less time to complete since there are no large incisions and no open manipulation of the muscles and tissues around the spine. In general, less soft tissue manipulation during surgery results in less postoperative discomfort and a quicker recovery.

Compared to traditional visualisation methods, computer-assisted image guiding allows surgeons to visualise the operating region much more clearly. Furthermore, implants like rods or screws may often be placed and inserted with greater accuracy than with previous methods. In a computer-assisted imaging guideline, photographs collected before and after surgery are integrated with photos taken during the procedure to provide a real-time depiction of the anatomical location and orientation of the surgical site. Since surgeons may carry out very precise and secure surgeries, intraoperative computed tomography (CT) and fluoroscopy (RTF) are often employed. They are now able to act in the same way.

The B.P. Poddar Hospital in Kolkata, India, offers the most modern and cutting-edge equipment for curved spin correction. For difficult yet cheap neurosurgery, cutting-edge technology complements our neurosurgeon team. When compared to other spinal cord facilities in Kolkata, India, the cost of curved spinal treatment at B.P. Poddar Hospital is among the lowest.

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