In this ongoing pandemic scenario, where on one hand, we are seeing an exponential rise in Covid positive cases and on the other hand, we are seeing an acute shortage of Covid beds in the hospital for admission. Exacerbation of Covid- 19 symptoms need critical monitoring and intervention. It is not possible to manage such patients at home. But there is no availability of hospital bed. Patients and their family get surrounded by uncertainty over when and where do they rush their loved ones.

To cope up with this unfavorable situation, B.P. Poddar Hospital and Medical Research Ltd. has come up with an initiative called Home Care Service. Yes, you are guessing it right. If the patient can’t go to the Hospital, Hospital will come to your home.

When a patient is diagnosed with Covid-19, it is not only essential but mandatory to start the right management and treatment from the early onset. This often halts the progression of the severity of the disease and prevent it from becoming a medical emergency. With Home Care Service by B.P. Poddar Hospital, our specialist team will visit you at home (following Covid appropriate behavior) and provide the necessary monitoring and intervention as per protocol.

You can consult our Doctor online, get your blood sample tested at the comfort of your home and as per requirement our dedicated team of Doctor, Nursing Staff and Technician Team will visit at your home while following Covid appropriate behavior. Oxygen facility, Pulse Oxymeter, Thermometer, BP Machine, BiPAP and medicines will also be provided as and when required.

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