The Gynecology Clinic at B.P. Poddar Hospital stands as a beacon of women's health, providing comprehensive and compassionate care to women of all ages. With a commitment to excellence, the clinic offers a range of services aimed at addressing the unique healthcare needs of women. This write-up explores the key features and services offered by the Gynecology Clinic at B.P. Poddar Hospital.

Expert Team of Gynecologists:


At the heart of the clinic's success is a team of highly skilled and experienced gynecologists. These professionals are dedicated to ensuring the well-being of women through personalized care and evidence-based practices. Whether it's routine check-ups, pregnancy care, or complex gynecological surgeries, the team at B.P. Poddar Hospital is committed to delivering the highest standards of medical care.

Comprehensive Services:


The Gynecology Clinic offers a wide range of services catering to the diverse healthcare needs of women. Some of the key services include:


  1. Routine Gynecological Check-ups: Regular check-ups are crucial for maintaining women's reproductive health. The clinic provides routine screenings, pelvic exams, and preventive care to detect and address potential issues early.
  2. Prenatal and Postnatal Care: The clinic specializes in providing comprehensive care for expecting mothers, offering prenatal consultations, ultrasound services, and postnatal support to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a smooth transition into motherhood.
  3. Family Planning and Contraception: The clinic offers counseling and services related to family planning, contraception, and fertility. This includes discussions on birth control options, fertility assessments, and guidance on family planning choices.
  4. Gynecological Surgeries: For conditions that require surgical intervention, the clinic is equipped to perform a variety of gynecological surgeries. This includes procedures such as hysterectomy, ovarian cyst removal, and laparoscopic surgeries with a focus on minimally invasive techniques.
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