4th National Sero Survey- All You Need to Know

In the recently concluded national Sero Survey conducted by ICMR, we came across some data which you all need to know.

The Survey was conducted on 28975 sample size. In that 67.6% population had developed antibodies against Covid-19. If we look at the age wise segregation, >60   years, 76.7% population, 45-60 years, 77.6% population, 18-44 years, 66.7% had developed antibodies. Therefore the age group of 45-60 are slightly ahead than others in terms of development of antibodies.

If we look at the previous data trend, the first Sero Survey conducted in May-June 2020 showed only 0.7% population with antibodies. The second Sero Survey conducted in Aug-Sep 2020 showed 7.1% population. The third sero-survey showed 24.1%. The 4th Sero Survey saw a significant jump with 68%.

If we look at the breakup of the of the sample size, among the 28975, 7252 were healthcare workers. At 69.2%, women are leading against 65.8% with men. Urban areas showed 69.6% prevalence and Rural areas showed 66.7%.

If we look at from the Vaccination point of view, sero-positivity was 81% among people who had taken at least one dose and 89.8% among those who had taken both the does.

So what is the take home message from the 4th Sero Survey report, to sum in one sentence, we can say, there is a ray of hope but no room for complacency. Because on one hand, we can see that 68% population have developed anti-bodies against the virus. But still 30% of the population is still susceptible. Also, since the report is based on a sample size, the same result cannot be extrapolated across the population throughout all states and districts.

Therefore to cut the story short, please complete your vaccination dose and get your Spike Protein Antibody Test conducted to know your antibody titre.

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