All fractures and other muscle-skeletal system diseases are treated by B.P. Poddar in a variety of methods and operations. Our skilled orthopaedic trauma team can treat fractures of any kind, including those requiring intricate surgeries like laminectomy and Dynamic Hip Screw (DHS), using specialised tools like the c-arm. Joint replacements, such as hip and knee replacements, are often performed with excellent outcomes. The new techniques to accident and disease control set B.P. Poddar apart from other hospitals.

In Eastern India, the B.P. Poddar orthopaedics department is a world-class hub for joint replacement, particularly for the hip and knee. The department is well-suited for simple and complex knee and hip replacement surgeries, such as TKRs and THRs, as well as reconstructive surgery on patients with severe limb abnormalities. Patients' recovery times are sped up by using enhanced rehabilitation routes.

Our bodies depend on our bones, which may restrict movement and cause excruciating pain when they are damaged. In order to adapt consistently to the demands of patients of all ages, B.P. Poddar Hospital combines medical excellence, science, and education with the skills and expertise of some of the most renowned orthopaedic practitioners and surgeons. Additionally, we take specific measures to help post-operative patients. We also treat a lot of emergency situations, and we have rehabilitation and rehabilitation experts for these instances.

One of India's top rankings for orthopaedic surgery belongs to B.P. Poddar Hospital. By integrating cutting-edge medical care, technology, and education with the knowledge and expertise of some of India's best orthopaedic experts and surgeons, B. P. Poddar Hospital has been a continual resource for patients of all levels who require orthopaedic therapy.

For the patients, the orthopaedics department and joint surgery seek specialised therapy and care. Our experts are dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with various limitations and returning them to a steady level of activity. It is one of B.P. Poddar's centres of expertise, and the Department trusts both subpar and modern medical treatment. A hospital patient is given a multidisciplinary approach.

  • The earliest and most comfortable mobilisation is the main goal.
  • This cutting-edge medical facility is built to provide patients the greatest calibre of technological expertise and service.
  • The organisation seeks to provide top-notch, research-based care for various orthopaedic and trauma diseases.
  • B.P. Poddar combines its knowledge of health care, clinical practise, and academic research to offer our clients the highest calibre of specialised care.

Hand operations, spinal and complicated fracture treatment, hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, and articular reconstruction are just a few of the orthopaedic procedures that B.P. Poddar performs. The medical professionals here are skilled in doing minimally invasive operations such as arthroscopic PCL, shoulder surgery, vascularized non-union grafting, hip and knee replacements, minimally invasive spine surgeries, and more. We have a good performance rate in joint replacement surgeries for the hip and knee. We perform the surgeries using high-performance tools, use qualified surgical personnel, and offer first-rate postoperative hospital care. B.P. Poddar has had successful outcomes, even in the most difficult situations including ageing surgery.

B.P. Poddar is taking advantage of all recent advancements in orthopaedic surgery, including arthroscopic PCL, shoulder surgery, hip and knee replacements, minimally invasive spine surgery, non-union vascularized grafting, and joint reconstruction.

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