B.P Poddar carries out all fractures and other muscle-skeletal system disorders are used in all sorts of procedures & operations. Our qualified orthopedic trauma team uses specialized devices, such as c-arm, to repair fractures of all sorts, including complex procedures such as Dynamic Hip Screw (DHS), Laminectomy, etc. Joint replacements such as Hip Joint & Knee replacements are carried out routinely with exceptional results. New accident and illness control approaches differentiate B.P Poddar from other hospitals.

B.P Poddar orthopedics department is an outstanding center for joint substitution, including hip and knee joint substitution in Eastern   India. The department is well suited for primary and complicated knee and hip substitution procedures, including TKRs AND THRs and reconstruction of patients with serious limb deformities. Improved rehabilitation pathways are used to speed up the recovery of patients.

Bones are vital to our bodies and can limit mobility and inflict enormous discomfort when they are affected. B.P Poddar Hospital blends medical excellence, science, and instruction with the abilities and experience of some of the most distinguished orthopedic practitioners and surgeons to adapt reliably to the needs of patients of all ages. We also take particular precautions to support post-operatively patients and treat many emergency cases and emergency cases and are rehabilitative and rehabilitative specialists for these cases.

B.P Poddar Hospital has one of Indian Orthopedic Surgery best grades. B. P. Poddar  Hospital has been the constant assistance in orthopedic treatment for patients of any level, combining innovation in medical care and science and education with the skills and experience of some of India finest orthopedic specialists and surgeons.

The Orthopedics Department & Joint Surgery seek specialist treatment and care for the patients. Our doctors are committed to treating patients with these disabilities lives and bringing the disabled to a stable level of activities. It is one of the centers of excellence of B.P. Poddar “ the Department has faith in incompetent and cutting-edge medical care. A multidisciplinary approach is extended to a patient at the hospital.

  • The key aim is earliest and most comfortable mobilization.
  • This state-of-the-art medical center is designed to provide the highest degree of technical experience and service to patients.
  • The organization aims at offering world-class, evidence-based care for different trauma and orthopedic conditions.
  • To provide our customers with the best level of specialized treatment, B.P Poddar integrates its expertise in health care, clinical practice, and university research.

B.P Poddar carries out a wide variety of orthopedic facilities including hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, and articular reconstruction, hand surgeries, spinal and complex fracture care. The doctors here are well-trained to cope with minimally invasive articulated articulation, hip and knee replacements, minimally invasive spine procedures, vascularized non-union grafting, re-implantation of the limb, arthroscopic PCL, shoulder operation, and more. In hip and knee replacement procedures, we have a high-performance rate. We use high performing equipment and professional surgical staff conduct the procedures and provide outstanding postoperative hospital treatment. B.P Poddar has obtained strong outcomes including in critical cases of aging surgery.

B.P Poddar is reaping the benefits of all recent advances in orthopedic activity, such as minimally invasive joint reconstruction, arthroplasty replacement, hip and knee replacements, minimally invasive spine operation, non-union vascularized grafting, limb replacement, arthroscopic PCL, shoulder surgery.

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