Gastroenterology is a discipline that deals with the diagnosis and conditions of the digestive system. It is also used to study normal functions and disorders of the esophagus, liver, small intestines, the colon and the rectum, the pancreas, bile ducts, and hepatitis. It requires an in-depth understanding of gastrointestinal organ normal activity (physiology) including material passage through the stomach and intestine, ingestion and absorption of nutrients through the bloodstream, the system elimination of waste, and its role as a digestive organ. In a nutshell, the study of gastroenterology includes both the natural operation and disorders of the digestive processes.

Gastroenterology awareness and technologies have expanded massively in the last two decades and have become a diverse subspecialty of hepatology, pancreatectomy, motility studies of bowel disease, and endoscopy. A joint diagnostic and surgical strategy for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gastrointestinal, liver, and pancreatic conditions, including cancer, is used for gastrointestinal facilities.

Robust, state-of-the-art care is offered by ambulatory and hospital staff from the gastroenterological department of B.P Poddar Hospital. Appreciated and qualified gastroenterologists, expert paramedic personnel, well-trained technicians, and nurses are in charge of the Hospital. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, including esophageal disease, intestinal disease, large intestines, and rectal diseases and accessory digestive organ (e.g. liver, gallbladder, and pancreas) are related to gastrointestinal diseases. The Gastroenterology Department delivers non-invasive OPD care. B.P Poddar provides different types of gastrointestinal procedures and other operating services to patients with peptic ulcers, tumors, and perforations. For pancreas and liver associated disorders. B.P Poddar offers the best-in-class health care services for people with digestive system disorders from the Department of Gastroenterology and Endoscopy. Gastroenterology and endoscopy professionals diagnosed and treated stomach, small and large intestines (colon) illness and conditions in the hospital.

  • The department aims to step up the implementation of best practices in the areas of hepatology and gastroenterology. It is multidisciplinary and centers on patients and caregivers wishes.
  • Gastroenterology, hepatology, renal, and bariatric surgery are available in the B.P Poddar Hospital.
  • The Department enjoys extensive infrastructural assistance (including critical care and high-level departments as well as specialized diagnosis and interventions).

This department is recognized to be a strong B-gastro-medicine legacy of our institution with the help of eminent and successful gastroenterologists. In different G.I. therapies, modern endoscopic techniques have reached benchmarks. Almost everybody in this center, including bile and varicose vein retrieval, stenting bile ducts, naso-biliary drilling, and endoscopic and varicose vein therapy, is performed with a therapeutic endoscopy.

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