Our multidisciplinary cardiovascular team provides individualised care to help patients through difficult heart disease diagnosis, medication or surgical treatment, and rehabilitation. With round-the-clock individualised patient care, we provide facilities in cardiac diagnosis, treatment, research, cardiac rehabilitation, and patient education at an affordable price. Our persistent efforts to use cutting-edge technology, sophisticated tools, widely recognised treatment recommendations, education, and research have produced heart disease treatment options that are both efficient and affordable.

Given that coronary illness presents a challenge for diagnosis, therapy, and research, the B.P. Poddar Cardiology Department is exceptional in its patient care philosophy. The objective is to guarantee that all patients with cardiovascular illnesses receive proper care, that pertinent observations are made to benefit patients, and that the finest training in cardiology and related subspecialties is provided.

Cardiological conditions such IHD, hypertension, heart attacks, pericardial disease, pulmonary problems, multisystem infections, and cardiac follow-up are all treated in the OPD.

Modern cardiac screens, pulse oximeters, infusion pumps, fans, external pulse generators, defibrillators, C-arms, and other medical equipment are installed in the ICU.

In the intensive care unit (ICU), patients are examined and treated, including those who have emergencies that can be effectively managed in some instances of sudden cardiac arrest and in a range of aetiologies, including MI, Heart Block, acute cardiac tamponade, DVT, and pulmonary embolism.

For effective cardiac case management, additional services including Echocardiogram (Doppler), Holter Monitoring, and TMT may be necessary.

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