Our integrated cardiovascular team offers individualized treatment to guide patients through the diagnosis, medical or surgical treatment and rehabilitation of complex heart diseases. We offer amenities in Cardiac diagnosis, treatment; research and, cardiac rehabilitation & patient education at an affording cost with round the clock individual patient care. Our consistent efforts in applying advanced technology, modern equipment, globally accepted treatment guidelines, Education & Research has yielded cost effective solutions in the treatment of heart diseases.

B.P Poddar Cardiology Department is unique in its patient care approach, as coronary disease poses a challenge for diagnosis, management, and research. The goal is to ensure that all patients with cardiovascular disorders get adequate treatment, that relevant observations are made to help patients, and that the best cardiology and sub-specialty training is offered.

  • The OPD treats cardiological issues, such as IHD, elevated blood pressure, alular cardiovascular disorder (AAHD), heart attack, pericardial disease, respiratory complications, and multisystem infection, as well as cardiac follow-up.
  • The ICU is fitted with state-of-the-art cardiac screens, pulses oximeters, infusion pumps, fans, external pulse generators, defibrillators, C-arms, etc.
  • Patients are investigated and handled in the ICU, including emergencies that can be successfully managed in certain cases of sudden cardiac arrest, and in a variety of etiologies, from MI, Heart Block and Acute cardiac tamponade, DVT, and pulmonary embolism.
  • Applicable back-up services include echocardiography (Doppler), halter control and TMT for successful cardiac case management, etc.

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