General Medicine

The General Medicine Department deals with multiple disease prevention, diagnosis, and non-surgical therapy. When a patient enters the doctor, it is the first point of contact. A general practitioner completes a patient medical exam and then advises the tests and surgical procedures required. The results, the overall physical analysis, and the effects of these tests are then compared to the diagnosis. The general practitioner delivers the appropriate care, based on the final diagnosis (usual drugs to the patient or refers for additional treatment to a specialized department).

General Medicine department at B.P Poddar:

Due to this convenient one-stop solution, the Department of General Medicine at B.P Poddar Hospital is favored by numerous people. Add to this, the presence of talented specialists, modern diagnostic services, and a 24-hour pharmacy goes on to make this the all-around solution that patients seek.

The doctor will check you and discuss issues about your conditions, prior infections, drugs, and your diagnosis and collect valuable knowledge and diagnose what causes the disease. You will be sent to other specialists and will be examined or treated if required. The hospital treatment is given to those who need the most appropriate care which is not possible at home (this can include “IV drip medication), which is better done during hospital visits and is too unwelcome to manage at home.

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