General Medicine

The General Medicine Department deals with the non-surgical treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of several diseases. The initial point of contact occurs when a patient walks into the doctor's office. After completing a patient's medical examination, a general practitioner recommends any necessary testing and surgical treatments. The impact of these tests, the total physical analysis, and the results are then contrasted with the diagnosis. Based on the final diagnosis, the general practitioner provides the proper care (typical medications to the patient or referrals for specialised treatment to a specialised department).

General Medicine department at B.P Poddar:

The Department of General Medicine at B.P. Poddar Hospital is well-liked by many individuals as a result of this practical one-stop solution. In addition, the availability of skilled experts, cutting-edge diagnostic tools, and a 24-hour pharmacy further contribute to making this the comprehensive answer that patients want.

The doctor will examine you, talk to you about your health problems, previous infections, medications, and your diagnosis, gather important data, and determine the disease's underlying causes. If necessary, you will be checked or treated by additional professionals after being assigned to them. Those who require the best care, which is not feasible at home (this might involve "IV drip medication," which is better done during hospital visits and is too bothersome to manage at home), are given inpatient treatment.

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