B.P. Poddar provides cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for completely diagnosing and treating a wide range of urological conditions in both adults and children, such as urinary incontinence, prostate and kidney cancers, reindeer stones, male infertility, and kidney dysfunction. It also covers non-cancerous illnesses including bladder neurogenic disorders, female incontinence, renal stones, prostate hypertrophy, and incontinence. B.P. Poddar has specialised knowledge in minimally invasive therapy for several of these illnesses.

  • At B.P. Poddar, it is mandated that only cutting-edge medical equipment that has been given the US FDA seal of approval be purchased, regardless of price or quality.
  • The Department can provide distinctive and excellent services thanks to a variety of cutting-edge equipment.
  • Renal disease can be treated with minimally invasive, scar-free urological and medical procedures at the state-of-the-art urology department.
  • The institution also offers patients with diseases of the liver, bladder, and prostate gland specific assistance.
  • The institution provides patient-centered management by utilising resources that are integrated with benign urologic illnesses and cancer.
  • The team consists of oncologists, nephrologists, and urologists. It functions as an interdisciplinary unit.

Urology deals with illnesses and issues involving the urinary system. For the diagnosis and treatment of urinary diseases such incontinence, irritation, and stone infections, the Department of Urology provides a comprehensive urological facility. The B.P. Poddar Urology Department offers a comprehensive clinic for the identification and treatment of urological tumours, renal stones, incontinence, infertility, impotence, urology, prostate, and other urinary disorders. The services provided include:

  • Comprehensive urinary stone disorder management
  • Lithotripsy
  • Percutaneous Renal surgery
  • Flexible scopes and laser lithotripsy intra-renal Stone Surgery
  • Endourological science
  • Invasive Surgery minimum (keyhole or laparoscopic) Minimally
  • Nephrectomy of the Laparoscopic Donor
  • Prostate laser service
  • Video Urodynamics
  • Impotence
  • Infertility
  • Urological Cancers
  • Female Urology
  • Reconstructive urology

The urological Department at B.P. Poddar offers cutting-edge, specialised urological care that meets or exceeds worldwide standards. The department provides a wide range of urologic cancer diagnoses and treatments, in addition to andrology, reconstructive urology, erectile dysfunction, stone disease, paediatric urology, prostate disease, and infectious disorders of the urinary system. Experts in treating patients with the most recent laparoscopic and laser techniques are urologists. It offers interdisciplinary therapy and caring care to patients with various types of urological ailments, such as cancer, incontinence, impotence, laparoscopic urology, bladder issues, and deformities. The urology team specialises in giving patients of all ages and genders the most comprehensive care possible. The Department uses cutting-edge technologies in its operations and sets the finest possible examples of both human capability and technological advancement by executing minimally invasive treatments that lead to the greatest possible outcomes for inpatient rehabilitation. The Department offers expert evaluation, counselling, and education to help patients and their families comprehend the problem, particularly with transplants.

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