Otolaryngologists are medical and surgical doctors trained in the handling of patients with ear, nose, mouth, and associated head and neck disorders. They are also called ENT doctors. ENT is an ear, nose, and throat abbreviation. A doctor who specializes in ENT may be simply called the ENT specialist. But the proper term for that type of physician is an otolaryngologist.

Why ENT is important to treat?

The ears, nose, and neck are essential components of the body and are used every day. The ears are sensory bodies that have a sense of equilibrium not only as a result of the sound but also.

The nose is also a sensory body that gives you not only a sense of smell but also a partial sense of taste. In humidifying the air that we breathe, the nose also plays an essential role in stopping germs from invading our bodies.

The throat gives the path for the oxygen to hit the lungs and to penetrate the digestive tract for food and drink.

Ear, nose, or throat disorder may greatly impact the quality of life, which may represent a medical emergency in some situations. It is best to see a primary care provider include an otolaryngologist to treat the conditions whether you have recurrent ear, nose, or throat issues.

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B.P Hospital Poddar is run by highly skilled experts and well-skilled healthcare practitioners, the most advanced ENT department. Here top of the line facilities allows microsurgery, endoscopic ENT Surgery to be performed at the most affordable cost with a less invasive approach and minimum hospital stay.

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