Otolaryngologists are medical and surgical specialists with specialised training in treating patients with ear, nose, and throat conditions as well as related head and neck conditions. They are also known as ENT physicians. The acronym ENT stands for ear, nose, and throat. An ENT specialist is a medical professional with this area of expertise. However, the correct name for such kind of doctor is an otolaryngologist.

Why ENT is important to treat?

Every day, we utilise our ears, noses, and necks, which are vital body parts. The ears are sensory organs that perceive balance due to sound and other factors as well.

The nose is another sensory organ that provides you with a feeling of taste in addition to smell. The nose is crucial for humidifying the air we breathe and for preventing pathogens from entering our bodies.

The digestive tract and the oxygen that travels to the lungs through the throat are connected.

An ear, nose, or throat condition can significantly reduce quality of life and, in rare cases, can be a medical emergency. If you have persistent ear, nose, or throat concerns, it is advisable to visit a general care physician who also doubles as an otolaryngologist.

ENT at B.P Poddar

The most cutting-edge ENT department at B.P. Hospital Poddar is administered by highly qualified specialists and well-trained healthcare professionals. The best facilities available here enable microsurgery and endoscopic ENT Surgery to be carried out at the most reasonable cost with the least invasive method and shortest hospital stay.

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