Neurology & Neuro Surgery

Neurology is the medical industry engaged in the research and treatment of nervous system diseases, involving the cortex, blood vessels, muscles, and nerves. Neurology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all categories and symptoms of the disorder, including their coating, blood vessels, and all the effectors, such as muscles, of the central and peripheral neural system, and its subdivision, autonomic and somatic system. The nervous system is a dynamic and specialized system that manages and coordinates the movements of the body. At B.P Poddar, we are delighted to offer neurological care and treatment to patients. The B.P Poddar Hospital provides a wide range of programs to treat primary, peripheral, and autonomic nervous systems disorders and many neuropsychiatric facilities. Our panel of neurologists and neurosurgeons are qualified to reliably and efficiently study, diagnose, and treat neurological conditions, thereby guaranteeing a complete rehabilitation of patients in the shortest possible time. Get world-class treatment and care at B.P Poddar Hospital for all neurological conditions at a rate that shocks you every time.

A neurologist is a doctor who is qualified to analyze and identify neurological conditions and who is specialized in neurology. Two components of the nervous system are the primary and peripheral nervous systems. The brain and spinal cord are included. Neurologists may also engage in scientific and clinical trials as well as in fundamental or translational science. They also focus on non-surgical nervous system diseases.

Symptoms that a neurologist normally needs to include:

  • Issues of union
  • Weakness of muscle
  • A sensational shift
  • Misunderstanding
  • Dizziness

The B.P Poddar Hospital team of neuro-physicians and surgeons supports patients with neurological illnesses and disabilities with excellent, caring, and affordable care. We look after the patients and support the families. This is achieved by the implementation of new and promising solutions, from brain and spine service to procedures. We have a comprehensive approach with neurologists, consultants, recovery professionals, and our patients who seek medical (non-operative and post-operative) solutions for their neurological conditions. B.P Poddar provides an advanced method for treating all diseases of neurology. The Department of Neurology has a qualified doctors team with modern technologies, which provides full and multidisciplinary treatments for brain and spinal diseases.

Driven by teams of neurologists, neurosurgeons, and physicians from several backgrounds, each patient who attends our hospital get the best medical treatment. The Organization Medical Team delivers care based on straightforward assessment protocols to ensure adequate patient control. The department strives to provide patients with quality treatment by staying a pioneer in the constantly changing space of neurology. To have the best possible class treatments, the Department is committed to building its excellent experience, technologies, and creativity. The diagnosis and treatment of individuals with neurological conditions such as Parkinson stroke, seizures, paralytic disorders, sleep disorders, multidisciplinary examination, and multi-sclerotic and headaches are given throughout the Department.

Department of Neurosurgery

Neurosurgery is a specialist in the medical areas of treatment, diagnosis, recovery, and healing for conditions affecting some parts of the brain, spinal cord, muscles, or cerebrovascular. For the entire brain and spine treatment, B.P Poddar Hospital is your one-stop solution. RGH is an advanced medical treatment facility based in Kolkata. The Neurochsirurgical Department at the Hospital B P Poddar has a team of highly qualified neurosurgeries who are devoted, educated, and specialized in different forms of neurosurgeries for extensive brain disease, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, stroke, cranial, base scalp surgery, auditory neuroma, hypophyseal and all kinds of spine-surgery.

The Department advocates for innovation in neurosurgical care through the application of evidence-based medicine and foreign treatment protocols. Patients are kept well conscious and are fully embraced and assisted by our physicians during their care. We at B.P Poddar Hospital are committed to supplying our patients with the most cost-effective neurosurgical care. A wide variety of disorders are included in the administration of treatment, including the following.

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