Amputation of Upper / Lower Limb

Amputation is the detachment, with long deformation, medical condition, and surgery, of the extremity.   It is used to treat pain or a process of illness in the affected limb, such as malignancy or gangrene, as an operative measure. In some cases, preventive surgery for such problems is performed on individuals. One special circumstance is congenital amputation, a congenital condition, in which constrictive bands cut off fetal limbs. Amputation of wrists, feet, or other areas of the body is or has been used for the execution of those who committed offenses in certain nations.

Lower limb amputation:

Amputation of the lower limb is the replacement by the lower limb of one or more sections. Although some literature divergences in terms of exact distal limits, “major amputations are commonly known as those which lie on or near the knee. If an injured or diseased body is not expected to cure and the patient life is therefore endangered, amputation surgery may become necessary. Possible causes include complications with circulation, infection, injuries, cancer, or congenital limb malformation. In these cases, the need for amputation is generally well-known in advance. In contrast, it is somewhat necessary, for example, because of serious injury following an accident, to amputate unexpectedly.

Upper limb amputation:

The complete top limb and shoulder section of the thoracic wall and scapula are removed during this amputation. This extensive procedure is mostly indicated for patients with malignant tumors infiltrating the muscles of the shoulder or serious trauma. The removal of any part of your forearm or arm shall be an upper limb amputation. Amputation of a major limb on or above the wrist is generally considered. Trauma, cancer, infections, vessel diseases, and birth defects or diseases are common disorders that are related to amputation. Young men are at greater risk of trauma amputations such as machinery, motor vehicles, or accidents at work.

Treatment at B.P Poddar

B.P Poddar Hospital, Kolkata, India offers state-of-the-art and state-of-the-art amputation technology for both Upper and Lower Borders. Advanced technology complements the complicated Amputation of Upper / Lower Limb by our team of orthopedic surgeons at a reasonable price. B. P Podder Hospital is one of the lowest in comparison with other centers in Kolkata, India for amputation costs in upper / lower limb.

B.P Poddar Hospital is one of the few hospitals available in India, with over 700 extensive operating packages. All the composite surgery packages contain key aspects that form part of a procedure, starting with information-seeking postoperative care by the patient or the patient, and which can continue even after hospital discharge. The operating packages at the hospital were developed by a medical expert team to ensure that everything is comprehensive and inclusive.

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