A short loop in the skull is a burr hole. Where brain surgery is needed, Burr holes are implemented. A burr hole may itself be a surgical treatment for brain disorders such as:

  • Hematoma subdural
  • Tumors of the brain
  • Hematoma Epidural
  • Hydrocephalic  disease

Burr holes are also part of and used for emergencies caused by serious wounds.

  • Reduce brain burden
  • During traumatic injuries, drain blood from a brain
  • Delete shrapnel or other skull-held artifacts

Surgeons often use burr holes in a broader therapy process. You will have to:

  • Insert a surgical instrument
  • Tumor removal
  • Breast tumor biopsy

Burr holes are also the first step towards broader and more complex brain operations. In order to perform an operation on the brain, surgeons need to reach the skull’s soft tissue. A burr hole offers surgeons a way to direct their tools cautiously through their brains. In several cases, multiple burr hole sites on the skull may be positioned to enable surgeons to obtain access to a larger brain region. Although it is a delicate operation to put a burr hole into the skull, it is quite a regular operation.


A brain expert can determine precisely where the burr hole or holes would go. They will use the physicians to evaluate your condition and settle upon your health with the findings of medical imaging scans.

You should start the treatment after your neurosurgery decides where the burr hole is located. The general measures are as follows:

  1.  During the operation, you will most certainly be under general anesthesia so you feel no discomfort. If this is the case, after the operation and the hours following you will still have a catheter.
  2.  The area where the burr hole is required shall be shaved by your surgeon and disinfected. If the hair is removed, the skin is sterilely cleaned to minimize the possibility of infection.
  3.  The surgeon can send the scalp an extra degree of anesthesia with a nightmare to keep you from feeling the burr hole implanted.
  4.  The surgeon will make your head reveal an incision.
  5.  The doctor inserts a burr hole into the skull for a special exercise. The hole can automatically be used to remove blood or other liquid that induces brain pressure. It can be closed or left off with a drain or shunt attached at the end of your operation.
  6.  You’ll switch to a recovery area until the burr hole is complete. You will have to be a few nights in the hospital to be sure that the vital signs are healthy and the infection is not likely.

Treatment at B. P. Poddar

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