In a structure (in this case, the urethra), a small telescope should be mounted in a bladder across the span to be sliced.

This operation is performed to open the urethra’s stringency (scar tissue).

  • Strictness is the most common reasons:
  • Previous history of urethral
  • An old urethra damage
  • Gonorrhea diagnosis or other urethra diseases history urethritis

Simple workplace dilation (small distribution by advanced instruments) may be accompanied by soft stringent and very brief scars. Other protocols can need to be more formal to optimise performance and reduce repeat occurrence. The length of the urethra can be severed in various points. The period often varies. Progress of the procedure corresponds to the venue, the shorter duration and the first IOU procedure. Re-do and longer-stage operations have a greater risk of failure.

These symptoms are most common:

  • Extension (must start urination by pushing)
  • Hesitancy (delayed urination after urination) Hesitancy
  • Stream force sluggish or reduced
  • A thin or forked stream (split or spray)
  • (Urine  stream beginning and stoping) Intermittence
  • Incomplete emptying feeling

Other related symptoms include: urinary duration, urgency for urination and nocturia (evening in the evening for urination) which we call annoying symptoms.


Depending on the duration, density or position of the constraints, the actual process typically takes less than 1 hour. You are put in the role of lithotomy (leaving your legs in the holster called stirrups on your back). If the degree of the rigidity is not apparent, we could use catheter injection of a special X-ray (urethrogram) in the urethra. It should have been finished before the IOU day. We will stop the process at this time if we realize that the span of the string is too long to carry out an IOU safely or effectively. The cystoscope is gently placed in the string region after the urethrogram (which has constant flow into it). Through the little scarred opening, doctors can insert a little wire for guidance.

You will be  in the recovery room before you are able to be released at home whether it is performed in a hospital or ambulatory centre. You are sent home immediately after the treatment if performed in the workplace.

It’s natural that you feel desperate to urinate. This is because of the operation and the catheter’s presence. This is fixed within a few hours in most patients, although it might be important to withdraw the catheter. Any people need drugs to make the bladder calm while the catheter is in. The bag is attached to your catheter. The urine is either pure or blood-treated minimally. You should tie the bag on your leg and cover it comfortably with your clothes. The catheter bag is taught how to empty. Usually, patients are given a bigger bag for the storage of urine during the day you sleep. It’s pretty easy. We promise you.

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