This operation is undertaken to release a stone, normally due to an obstructed ureter. A cystoscopy takes place with a general anaesthetic and contrast is injected into the ureter under X-ray supervision providing the kidney and ureter drainage system a image. A silicone stent with an end in the kidney and the bladder is then implanted internally. This is then omitted or updated by the Urologist at a later date.

Why B.P Poddar?

B.P Poddar Hospital in Kolkata, India has state-of-the-art stenting technology to ensure that the urine passes into the urinary tract. Advanced equipment compliments our urology team with difficult, but affordable, urologic surgery. Cysto / RGP / L.C / D.J Costs at B. Podder Hospital are one of the lowest compared with other centres in Kolkata, India. Surgery for ureteric stones (UPS) is one of the lowest.

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