Pacemaker DDDR is a pacemaker that includes a lead in the heart (Atria) and the heart’s bottom (Ventricles), respectively. The heart and the lower section of the heart are looked at by a pacemaker DDDR. There also is a sensor that tracks and can adapt accordingly to a higher demand for cardiac output. In patients with the sick syndrome, atrioventricular block, or two, Dual-chamber pacemakers are recommended for the treatment of symptomatic bradycardia. High performing American double chamber pacemaker for manageable expenditures B.P Poddar Hospital implants. PAC is a new technology to add to a healthy life. Dual-chamber pacemaker.


Just recently the double chamber, rate-modulated pacing (DDDR) has been made functional. In exercise, the pacemaker monitors not only the intrinsic P wave of the patient but also the AV sequential sensor-indicated reaction rate that depends on programmed sensor variables in the DDDR pulse generator. Slope, threshold, response time, and recovery time are the programmed choices that control the functioning of DDDR-moduled speeds. Furthermore, a base or minimum speed rate and a maximum monitoring rate, as with any DDD system, as well as a maximum sensor rate must also be programmed. Both of these programmed choices are important if electrocardiograms from a DDDR pacemaker can be reliably interpreted and understood.

How is it performed in B. P. Poddar?

Very good service at B.P Poddar is supported by highly qualified physicians, well-trained staff, and involved patient treatment and the finest surgeon services. This can be seen from the many individuals and families in Kolkata, India who suggest this hospital as an inexpensive location for recent surgeries. In B.P Poddar Hospital, there are numerous stories of progress written and addressed in leading national and local news media. The medical team at B.P Poddars has made operations that have become famous among hospital effect stories in India with their commitment and support from advanced health facilities at the hospital.

B.P Poddar Hospital is home to state-of-the-art procedures and new appliances, OTs, and upgrading services to provide innovation in state-of-the-art surgery, modern well-kept facilities, and other top healthcare infrastructure. Laparoscopic operation (lap) – the main hole – is performed in the hospital with minimally intrusive and invasive surgery. The hospital provides state-of-the-art health facilities.

Local Kolkata residents and people from parts of West Bengal and North Bengal whose families, children, or daughter are outside India are also assisted by the excellent patient services and 24-hour emergency relief services. In the B.P Poddar’s Senior Citizens Card program, NRI and NROB are eligible to enroll their parents and elders to attend to the hospitalization and welfare needs of their senior citizens and parents back home in India. Both registration, discharge, etc processes and payments may be entered into electronically or over calls.

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Your service will cover:

  • Hospital Stay for 3 days
  • Procedure/package medications, disposables, consumables, and study
  • Team Fees for Physicians
  • Operation Theater Costs Service


  • Pacemaker costs (Pacemaker costs are paid as appropriate) Pacemaker costs
  • Bed charges after three days
  • Illness / Health Care is not explicitly related to the procedure/package.
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