Emergency & critical care units operated by dedicated high skill professional teams, are active for serving the 24 hours emergency & critical care support, Consultant available for 24 hours, Take minimum time for transferring the patient to critical ward. Delivers prompt treatment minimizing golden hour period.

24×7 Specialists

With 28 medical officers and in-house physicians, any issue can be dealt with round the clock throughout your stay at B.P. Poddar Hospital. A briefing on operations and top-class treatment with in-house qualified surgeons and in-house physicians are available 24 hours a day.

24×7 Ambulance Service

Besides the Accident and Emergency Ambulance, there are five other hospital ambulances. B.P Poddar Hospital has regularly checked the best emergency care results. The 24-hour ambulance specialists, swift midnight incident management, professional treatment right over the clock, and protocol-based healthcare all ensure that the patient is handled safely. One of the best local emergency networks saves 50 percent response time for rapid emergency care.

Specialized Burns Unit

One of the most devastating types of injuries is burns. To reduce infection rates and death, patients with severe burn injuries need urgent specific treatment. It is necessary to get enrolled early in a specialist burning unit after a burn injury because the burn wounds become infected very easily because they do not immediately take care of themselves. The only devoted Tertiary Level Burn ? Unit in Kolkata. B.P Poddar’s Hospital’s Burns Unit delivers the highest degree of advanced burn treatment to victims and their families. We provide extensive burning therapies in a safe, caring, intimate, and hygienic environment.

Burn treatment is a unique discipline that involves a medical staff to treat these burns from the start of all burn injuries until the day a patient is completely recovered. Our first responders are started by the B.P Poddar Burn Treatment team and our community groups continue even after you are recovered.

Our facilities for Burn Care:

We offer a wide range of services across our highly advanced installations, types of equipment, and staff:

  • Critical burn treatment including (ICU) treatment, operating treatment, and dressing changes.
  • Clinic with Burn Outpatient : Not all burns seen in our center need hospital admission. This is why we are providing an ambulatory treatment for less seriously burnt patients. The clinic runs Monday to Friday and has a professionally qualified nurse who specializes in burning care. Our clinic is designed for the effective and reliable treatment of all forms of combustion. Please call us to make an appointment.

24×7 Diagnostics

B.P Poddar Hospital gives you the most reliable and prompt delivery services: emergency treatment, 24×7 special medical laboratory, dental check-ups, and 24×7 pharmacy. B.P Poddar Hospital diagnostics is provided by qualified and competent radiologists, microbiologists, pathologists, and biochemists – many of whom are engaged in full-time diagnostics. The Laboratory uses state-of-the-art instruments to satisfy patients ‘ needs with a variety of therapies. Cath Lab helps with the rapid response to complications, modern medical technologies, and the best-in-class facilities to speed up diagnosis and prognosis at every hour of the day.

An experienced consultant pathologist is in charge of the laboratory. The laboratory aims for the continuous development of the procedures, to conform with international norms and best practices, ensuring satisfaction and service excellence with a team of trained employees, new facilities, infrastructure, and support systems.

The laboratory is composed of a sufficient number of personnel including advisors, technicians, health experts, specialists in quality assurance, staff, and auxiliary staff. We are well trained in the area of our medical laboratories. The population of infant, pediatric, teenage, adult, geriatric, and maternal patients seeking healthcare at B.P. Podder Hospital is equipped with laboratory pathology.

24×7 Radiology

We at B.P Poddar Hospital have first and foremost taken care of our patients in a state-of-the-art building. The new technologies are used by our trained radiologists to help patients recover from their illnesses. The program offers a variety of specialized imaging resources, including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), CT scan, ultrasound, and digital images, allowing physicians to reliably examine every area of the disease and ensures early identification and care. The Department provides advanced imaging services. Early detection is a focus for us and we leave no stone unturned to maximize the use of early diagnosis of new imaging technologies.

Our efforts are to provide the highest diagnostic quality for state-of-the-art medical equipment. The group contains fully trained radiologists and technicians devoted to the 24×7 monitoring of patients.

Our Radiology Department performs multiple scans including :

  • MRI
  • Ultrasound
  • Digital X-ray — Low radiation high-frequency machine specifically for all types of patients.

24×7 Pharmacy

In an unforeseen period in hospitals, a patient may need medicines immediately. These pharmacies are open all day, available and the patient does not need to take time or panic in late hours about locating drugs and, because of the inaccessible use of medicines, no wait in care. B.P Poddar Hospital’s pharmacy is unusual in that it has in-door patients. This greatly decreases waiting periods for patients to take medications. Be part of the medication management in hospitals, which encompasses the entire way in which medicines are selected, procured, delivered, prescribed, administered and reviewed to optimize the contribution that medicines make producing informed and desired outcomes enhance the safety and quality of all medicine related processes affecting patients of the hospital ensure the 7 “rights” are respected: right patient, right dose, right route, right time, right drug with the right information and documentation

The Pharmacy at B.P Poddar Hospital a standardized temp from the stockist to the final consumer. The counters at B.P Poddar Hospital are air-conditioned to ensure the correct temperature for an improvement in the medicines’ shelf life and quality. At B.P Poddar Pharmacy, Kolkata, you are going to get legitimate medicines.

Rx Pharma a unit of B P Poddar Hospital is open for outdoor patients 24 hours a day. The neighbors and Sr. citizens are now provided with a free home delivery service. In Kolkata, we are committed to providing the best pharmacy services. With 24 /7 prescriptions for patients both indoor and outside, we have our drug department under one roof. The medications recommended by our physicians never go out of stock.

Our pharmacy workers are well qualified to meet our customers’ highest expectations. To keep patient convenience, we maintain a customer-focused and welcoming environment. Furthermore, our team assures that these medications are used safely and successfully by patients. To keep our pharmacy service in the highest condition, we have integrated both the “traditional” and the “new” approach. We use the conventional way to compound and dispense drugs.

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