Thyroglosal cyst or fistula treatment involves a Sistrunk surgery that involves removing cyst or hyoid bone fistulas. Afterwards the tract is preceded in the middle by the language. If there is no tract visible, a tissue centre would be removed to caecum foramen. Typically there is just one tract of thyroglossal fistula.

The most prominent congenital abnormality of the neck is a thyroglossal cyst. In children and teenagers, the disorder is commonly observed, but often can occur in adults. The foramen caecum of the tongue descends through the cuff from a constant, patent free-literated part of the Thyroglossal Dual. It typically appears as a soft cystic midline collar, but can be complex, the most important being infection. Mainly by clinical and ultrasound exams, diagnosis is made.

A Sistrunk procedure is carried out to treat thyroglossal cyst, which includes the displacement of the cyst, the passage to the foramen caecum and the central part of the hyoid bone. During Sistrunk treatment, the recurrence rate of the disease is 5% and increases to 20% if the hyoid bone is not replaced. Traditionally, the treatment of contaminated thyroglossal duct cysts requires only antibiotics if the presence of cellulite or if the abscess is incised and drained.

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