Is Cycling Good or Bad when there is Knee Osteoarthritis?

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Either you currently have knee osteoarthritis, or just developing knee pain from time to time and worry about the best way of exercise. This health article got some answers for you. Exercising is a vital activity for boosting the immune system as well as your endurance. The most appropriate exercise for patients with knee pain or knee osteoarthritis is the one that causes the least impact at the knee joint. The lesser impact at the knee joint means a lower chance of knee injury, so this is why most research suggests that cycling and swimming are the best exercises for patients with knee problems. Therefore, cycling is a very great exercise for patients with knee osteoarthritis condition. In addition, cycling is also a right choice of exercise for patients who suffer from spondylosis with nerve root compression in some cases (and we will definitely talk about this in later articles). Cycling makes knee joint bend and stretch gently and helps to ease the movement of the joint. Cycling also improves the muscle strength around the knee joint, which ultimately protects the knee joint if there are any impact actions. So it’s wise to say that cycling promotes knee joint health in many ways. Furthermore, cycling is a cardio workout. Cardio workout is known to enhance cardiology strength, improving sleep quality, and a great way to relieve stress. here are so many concerns about whether cycling could cause more severe knee osteoarthritis or not. The answer can be both “yes” and “no”. Usually, cycling cause quite a small impact to the knee joint. The joint also moves gently in a circular motion. Cycling has to be very extreme to develop osteoarthritis condition, like athlete cycling – which involves standing and fast-paced cycling. Cycling in this way causes intense pressure at the knee joint and cartilage. If the knee joint and knee muscle are not strong enough, the knee will be severely injured. Another point to concern is to tone down the pressure at the knee cap during cycling. You can do this by customizing the bicycle appropriately. Adjust the seat to be a little higher. The seat is in a good position when you paddle the pedal to the farthest bottom; your knee position is bending by only 10-15 degrees angle. You may move the seat to the front or the rear as desired. The position of the knee joint when you paddle the pedal at the very front should be absolute vertical and directly match to the thumb joint of the foot. Cycling tips for the beginners:
  • Recommend to ride using lesser efforts; you can gradually extend the riding time based on your present conditions
  • Stop the ride immediately if there is any pain. Take a break and reduce effort level for the next ride
  • Stretch the muscle around your hip joint, knee joint, and ankle joint every time before and after cycling
The preferred bicycle should have these options:
  • Can adjust the seat upper or lower to match your physique
  • Offers bicycle gears to let you customize the effort level
  • If you have neck, shoulder, or back pain, consider the bicycle with high handlebars
Taking good care of your knee joint today surely reduces the risk of osteoarthritis knee, which ultimately lower the concern knee pain as well as the chance for the patient to undergo knee replacement surgery. Having free of pain in your everyday life promotes better life quality.

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