The artificial pacemaker is a medically implanted system that is most typically implanted in subcutaneous tissues in the upper chest over the preceptor fascia. The pacemaker uses electric shocks to induce contraction of the myocardial. The vast majority of pacemakers (> 98% of pacemaker patients) are inserted when a patient is unable to sustain a proper cardiac velocity secondary to either the symptomatic bradycardia or bradycardia because of blockage elsewhere inside the electrical conduction mechanism.


A pacemaker in the single-chamber corresponds to the one leading into the heart. This applies mainly to a single lead in the ventricles (lower heart), however, only a single lead (atria) is often placed in the top of the heart. The most common type of pacemaker is the VVI pacemaker. The heart muscle should function adequately for this form of a pacemaker. In the operation, the cardiologist with the VVI pacemaker on the chest wall and cables, at the right upper cardiac chamber or the right ventricle, attaches to the heart. The task of this doctor is to send an electro-impulse to the right ventricle and to activate the heart when a heartbeat is slowing down. Power pulses from the ventricle right go to the ventricle left and run blood flow.

Cardiac Arrest affects the heart or if there is a heat barrier, the heard will lose its function as a normal pacemaker. If there is a lack of conduction among the upper chambers and ventricles, a VVI pacemaker will be necessary to treat the problem.

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