Sitting Posture- DOs and DONTs

How should you seat when you are working from home?

In the era of Covid 19, many of us have become habituated with the word ‘Work from Home’. With almost of third of the lockdown phase most of the corporate offices rapidly shifted to working from home strategy. However, at the time of sitting a lot in front of the computer, some tips should be followed by us to avoid complications like muscular dystrophy.
• Adjust your chair by supporting your back and head right above shoulders and hips.
• Feet supported on the ground with adequate lumber support.
• Have the system in Infront of you and place the screen at eye level.
• Try to seat evenly without leaning on one side.

What will happen when you seat with bad posture?

As we get older our bad habits like slouching, inactivity resultant muscle fatigue and tension leading to poor posture. Complications like back pain, joint degeneration, spinal dysfunction, rounded shoulders will have to experience. Apart from that neck pain, headache, poor sleep and lack of motivation may also occur due to poor body posture. There are long-term effects like poor circulation, impaired lung function, Constipation, Incontinence, Heartburn, and so on. Affected muscles like the occipital, trapezius, adductors, piriformis, pectineus can relocate among all individuals with bad posture habitat.
How do you know if you have good or bad posture?
Well, think about how you sit during the daytime. Let’s try answering the question are there any aches or pain you feel at the time of sitting? If it is yes then it could be related to posture. According to physical therapists rounded shoulders, excessive curvature in the spine, forward head posture, a better way to assess those symptoms like aches or pains. If you feel uncomfortable in sitting or standing then you have to change or adjust your position. You have to consider having your posture which is assessed by a professional.

How can you make work from home more ergonomic? (Dos and Don’ts)

Do customize a space that can fit you
Don’t turn your couch into a workstation.
Do use your office chair if there is any possibility
Don’t swing your feet
Do work at a proper height
Don’t hunch over the laptop

Can you improve/ rectify your posture of sitting?

Most of us spend time 8 to 9 hours on regular basis at the time of working in front of our system. At the time of working from home, we are unaware of how poor posture we are sitting like. A correctly adjusted chair can help to reduce the risk factor of back pain. One easily adjusted chair is enough leading to change your height back part and tilt. Place the foot flat on the floor having footrest prohibit leg crossing.
Place the keyboard in front of you at the time of typing by leaving a gap of 4 to 6 inches in front of the desk. Place the monitor about an arm’s length by keeping your arm L-shaped and elbows by your side. Do back exercise every day to maintain strong postural muscles. For stretching the arms make sure the opening up of the chest. Hence these stretches will help you to release your tension by being allowed the shoulders to come back into better posture.

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