In 1991, the World Health Organisation and the IDF established World Diabetes Day (WDD) in response to rising concerns about the diabetes's increasing danger to health. With the adoption of UN Resolution 61/225 in 2006, World Diabetes Day was recognised as an official UN holiday. Every year on November 14th, the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting—who, in 1922, co-discovered insulin with Charles Best—is observed. WDD is the biggest diabetes awareness campaign in the world, reaching more than 160 countries and more than 1 billion people worldwide. The campaign maintains diabetes firmly in the public and political limelight by bringing attention to topics that are extremely important to the diabetic community.

The campaign for World Diabetes Day seeks to be the:

The blue circle emblem for the campaign was chosen in 2007 following the UN Resolution on diabetes's passage. The worldwide emblem for diabetes awareness is the blue circle. It represents the solidarity of the worldwide diabetes community in the face of the diabetes pandemic. The World Diabetes Day campaign has a designated topic that is promoted for one or more years every year. “Access to Diabetes Care” is the subject for World Diabetes Day (2021–2023).
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