TURBT is the therapy to detect the bladder cancer and remove any excessively large growth or lesions on the bladder wall. TURBT is a method used to diagnose bladder cancer. A tumour in the bladder is a blood lining cancer. It generally looks like a piece of red chocolate that rises from the bladder wall. A lot of blood vessels are found inside the tumour. They bleed as they crack. That’s why most patients get blood in their urine for these tumours.

It normally takes about 45 minutes-1 hour to perform a TURBT surgery.

What would the recovery time from TURBT be like?

  • Drink plenty of water for the first two days to help your urine drain and lower your urinary infection risk. It is necessary to complete the whole course if you are prescribed antibiotics.
  • Please ask the surgeon to give you pain medication if you need pain relief. Don’t try herbal goods over-the-counter.
  • In the first 2 weeks after the procedure do not do heavy lifting, rough training or driving.

Why B. P. Poddar?

The new, advanced transurethral tumor resection (TURBT) technology is in operation at B.P Poddar Hospital in Kolkata, India. It is the treatment of bladder tumors (resection). Uro-surgeon extracts the tumor and all other tissue available for the microscope analysis. Advanced equipment complements our urological team to complete diverse and inexpensive urological operations. The cost of B.P Poddar Hospital is one of the lowest compared with other centres in Kolkata, India, for transurethral resection of bladder tumor (TURBT).

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