Transurethral prostate resection (TURP) is a process used in the treatment of urinary conditions caused by a swollen prostate.

A resectoscope is inserted into the channel that holds semen from your bladder into the tip of your bladder  (urethra). The resectoscope helps your doctor to look and remove excess prostate tissue that prevents the flow of urine. TURP is commonly considered a treatment choice for men who have mild to serious urinary disorders. While TURP is known as the most common treatment of a swollen prostate, a variety of other treatments are becoming more effective and minimally invasive. These methods are normally less difficult and have a shorter recovery time than TURP.

Treatment at B. P. Poddar

The resectoscope is inserted at the end of the penis and distributed to the prostate region via the urethra. Your doctor would not have to take out of your body (incisions). Your surgeon will use the resectoscope to remove the prostate gland from the inside, one little section at a time. When little tissue is cut out of the prostate, irrigation fluid transmits it to the bladder. At the end of the process, they are withdrawn.

A TURP is conducted under general or spinal anaesthesia so that during the treatment you can have no discomfort. The surgeon ends up against your prostate and your urethra. A current is then used to heat the circle that cuts off a part of your prostate.

In two to three days after the procedure, most men leave the hospital and return to normal activities within 1 week.

The newest and most modern technology is fitted for Transurethral Prostatic Resection (TURP) by BP Poddar Hospital in Kolkata, India. It is an operation used to treat urinary issues related to a swollen prostate. Advanced equipment compliments our urology team with difficult, but affordable, urologic surgery. The costs of prostate (TURP) procedure at B.P Poddar Hospital are among the lowest compared to other centres in Kolkata, India.

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