During development, when the heart is dividing from the heart and the right (septum) muscular walls do not fully form between the lower chambers of the heart (ventricles), the ventricular septal defect occurs. In typical cases, blood flows to the lung from the right side of the heart to receive oxygen; the oxygen-rich blood is pumped to the rest of the body on the wrong side. A septal ventricular defect can mix oxygenated blood with deoxidized blood, which makes the heart harder to supply sufficient oxygen to the tissues of the body.

VSDs can be in varying heights and can be located on the wall between the ventricles in different positions. One or more VSDs may be available. A hole is a defect in the wall, separating the two heart chambers. The oxygen-rich blood defect will flow through the heart’s oxygen-poor chambers.

  • Holes can be located between the upper chambers of the heart or between the lower chambers of the heart.
  • Many defects are minor and do not contribute to signs.
  • A sound produced by an irregular flow of blood through closed or leaking heart valves or defective heart structures is suspected of the condition based on the standard heart muscle and echocardiographic evidence is given.

A plug or other advanced devices implanted by catheter or procedure may be used to shut down seven faults that do not shrink themselves.

Treatment at B.P Poddar

Septal ventricular abnormalities are often detected at birth or within days, so the practitioner can detect the marked groan. Older children or adults with unrecognized VSD may have issues with respiratory shortages or heart rhythm, and take them to a health care provider. The examination can provide a diagnosis

  • X-Ray of Chest
  • Electrocardiogram for electrical heart function assessment
  • Angiography of the coronary
  • MRI to find other similar heart defects

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