This day is celebrated in remembrance of French biologist Louis Pasteur who gave the first dose of the first vaccine against the zoonotic disease rabies. This day holds importance in promoting awareness and educating people about the zoonotic diseases that can be transmitted from animals to the humans.
          Zoonoses, also known as zoonotic diseases, are infectious conditions caused by microorganisms that can pass from animals to humans. These zoonotic pathogens, which can be bacterial, parasitic, viral, or even strange agents, can spread through direct or indirect contact between animals and humans.

Causes- Zoonotic diseases are caused by a number of factors. Some of them are:
1. Direct contact- due to bites, scratches, or ingesting bodily fluids including blood, saliva, urine, faeces, or bite wounds from an infected animal.

2. Indirect contact: This might happen in areas where sick animals feed or live and are infected by the zoonotic pathogens.

3. Foodborne: Due to consuming contaminated foods like as raw fruits and vegetables, milk, meat, eggs coming from infected animals.


  1. Flu like symptoms like fever, cough, headache, fatigue and bodyache.
  2. Visible lesions of bite marks, scratches on the skin.
  3. Abdominal cramps, vomiting, severe diarrhea and loss of appetite.

Diagnosis and Treatment-

  1. Physical examination of the skin
  2. Administration of antibiotics and vaccines in case of animal bites.
  3. Wear masks or protective clothing those who have animal allergy.
  4. Periodic blood tests to identify the pathogens in order to start the medications.

Prevention and Control-

  1. Vaccinate the pet animals immediately before getting them home.
  2. Immediate administration of vaccines or medicine in case of animal bites or scratches.
  3. Increasing knowledge of zoonotic diseases and operationalization among the people globally.
  4. Improve biosecurity and identify the main causes of zoonotic disease in livestock.
  5. Improving the zoonotic disease regulation and monitoring.
  6. Make alternative livelihoods and ensure food security while promoting sustainable agricultural technology.

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