Cancers are typically metastasized to cervical lymphatic nodes in the head and neck region. “Chest dissection” means a surgical operation in the treatment of cervical lymphatic metastases that eliminates the fibrofatty material of the neck. Neck dissection is most widely used in upper aerodigestive tract cancer management. Sometimes used for malignancies of the skin of the region around the head and the stomach, thyroid and salivary.

Neck dissection is a significant procedure conducted to remove cancerous lymph nodes. It takes place in the hospital. You will be treated with anesthesia before surgery. You would not be able to experience discomfort and relax.

Depending on the extent of cancer spread, tissue amount and number of lymphatic nodes are removed. 3 major forms of neck dissection surgery are available:

  • Dissection of the progressive neck. From the jawbone into the collarbone, all the tissue on the neck side is lost. Anything in this area can be separated from muscle, nerve, salivary gland, and main vessels.
  • Radical dissection of the neck shifted. The most popular method of dissection of the throat. Every lymph node is removed. Less than radical dissection, neck tissue is extracted. It also will spare nerves in the neck and blood vessels or muscles occasionally.
  • Dissection of the selective collar. If cancer is not commonly spread, less lymph node should be removed. The neck can also save muscle, nerve or blood vessel.

Why is the operation carried out?

The white blood cells of the lymph system are body-wide in order to prevent infection. The lymph fluid may pass through the cancer cells of the mouth or throat to become stuck in lymph nodes. To avoid cancer spreading to other areas of the bodies to determine if further care is required, the lymph nodes are cut.

This operation is possible if your doctor recommends:

  • Mouth, tongue, gland of the thyroid, or other portions of the throat or throat cancer is present.
  • The lymph nodes have been spreading cancer.
  • The cancer can spread to other body parts.

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