Critical Care

B.P Poddar Critical Care Center is devoted to the treatment of severely ill and complicated post-surgical patients. Injury and diseases that endanger health are helped by critical treatment. It will cope with medical complications, injuries, illnesses, and serious respiratory issues. A team of highly trained healthcare providers paying close and consistent attention to the time. Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or trauma center typically offers medical treatment. B.P Poddar Critical Care department consists of 60 beds along with a broad dependence facility. The team consists of intensive consultants, pain specialists, senior and junior doctors, and very effective, skilled, and well-trained nurses and paramedics personnel. World-class facilities and advanced medical technologies have been one of our centers of excellence in this department.

B.P Poddar Hospital has reliably given the best quality evidence of time-tested emergency treatment. The patient provides holistic treatment 24-hours, immediate response during midnight, clinical care around the clock, and protocol-based emergency care. Critical treatment aids those with life risks and disorders. It tackles issues such as surgical injuries, accidents, illnesses, and significant respiratory problems. An intensive care unit (ICU) or intensive trauma unit (ITU) is typically used for emergency care. Full-time trained and skilled critical care physicians, qualified and qualified engineers, committed critical care staff is working in our critical care department. B.P Poddar Hospital  ICU has an independent ICU bed lifesaving fan and the new tracking aids, which ensures that treatment with minimum infection.

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