A breast lump removal or a lumpectomy is often considered an excisional biopsy. Just the irregular tissue and no surrounding tissue is separated from the breast by a lumpectomy. The remainder of the breast remains unaffected. The surgeon excises the skin during excisional breast biopsy and extracts the infected tissue under a microscope for inspection. A surgical biopsy leaves a noticeable scar on the breast which may cause a pronounced difference in the breast shape, as compared with a needle biopsy. It is a smart idea to speak to the surgeon upfront about the positioning and duration of the incision.


The breast lump is removed to avoid the spread of cancer to other areas of the body. Breast lump removal the degree and stage of a tumor and such patient attributes like the height of your breast depend on whether the doctor will perform a lumpectomy. This is the approach that many physicians recommend to mastectomy. A lumpectomy is less painful than the whole breast removal. Your doctor will take a lumpectomy on the breast that leaves all of the look and sound of the breast intact. Breast symmetry can be changed. However, after a lumpectomy, you may need radiation or chemotherapy for all cancer cells to be killed.

You will turn into a hospital gown and have anesthesia before the procedure. You may use a sedative after breast lump removal, where local anesthesia is used. You will be in painless sleep during the whole operation if you have general anesthesia. The tumor will start with your surgeon. Your surgeon may have put a metal marker or video next to the site during your biopsy. If so, the clip is located using a thin cable. It helps to direct the surgeon to the place where the incision takes place.

The tumor and any healthy cells surrounding the tumor will be separated by the surgeon. This allows the complete elimination of the tumor. The lump is then moved to a research facility. During the operation, the lymph nodes below the arm on your breast may be separated by the doctor. You will be screened for cancer transmission. The incision is closed and bandaged following complete removal of the tumor and any lymph node.

How is it performed in B. P. Poddar?

In B.P Poddar Hospital, Kolkata, the breast resection segment has a good track record. B.P Poddar has a team of surgeons with new tools for segmental breast resection at a reasonable rate. The B.P Poddar Hospital’s total facilities are way ahead of other hospitals in the city.

Breast Lump Excision: know the cost of your surgery

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