Remove the swollen glands, is the most effective procedure. This treatment heals the problem 98% of the time. Medication could be the only alternative for patients who are too sick for surgery. The multiple drugs do not decrease the extra blood quantity of parathyroid hormone. They tackle the lack of calcium from the bone instead. For the remainder of your life, you need hormone replacement therapy or other medications for this disorder. Cinacalcet prescription medications decrease both calcium and parathyroid hormones in those suffering from chronic renal dysfunction (secondary hyperparathyroidism). Its use is also being investigated in persons with primary hyperparathyroidism.


Surgery, also for patients, who have no symptoms, may be the most effective cure for parathyroid adenoma. It would be impossible for them to say people with elevated levels of calcium for several years if they were actually symptomatic. Parathyroidectomy can increase the feeling of patients and thereby improve their overall time efficiency. More specifically, osteoporosis and renal stones can be prevented by parathyroidectomy.

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B.P Poddar Hospital, Kolkata, India has the new and state-of-the-art tumor surgical resection technology. The Thyroglossal Cyst or Fistula excision in B.P Poddar Hospital in Kolkata, India has a high rate of success. B.P Poddar has professional surgeon squads, specialized thyroglossal cyst excision instruments or fistula procedures at an economic expense.

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