Keyhole Hernia Operation is a hernia examination and correction by four minor incisions in the abdominal wall, usually named as ‘Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery’ This method of herniation repair enables the surgeon to cope internally with the problem.

This minimally invasive procedure uses carbon dioxide gas to inflate the cavity such that a telescopic camera can be inserted and remotely worked. The hole is sealed with mesh and stacked into place on one side of the hernia. The biggest benefit of using this technique is that the abdominal wall does not need to be sliced large, so regeneration is improved and pain minimized. A highly experienced and professional surgeon with laparoscopic procedures must perform this operation. This is particularly reliable in the form of Hiatus Hernia keyhole surgery.

As used in bowel surgery when large wounds have already taken place or when missed open repair. Keyhole surgery is particularly beneficial. Our surgeons will better select which treatment is the best in each case for health purposes.


The inguinal hernia repair is using a laparoscope tool. The laparoscope (thin telescope with light at the end) and the operating instruments into the abdomen are made across the abdomen between 2 and 4 small incisions. The incisions are thin, so the whole process is also called the keyhole process. It is also called a minimally invasive or limited access procedure. The hernia is then seen within the abdominal wall, on the other side. To allow the surgeon the sphere to operate in the patient, the abdominal cavity is inflated with carbon dioxide gas, with long instruments remotely working.

To repair the herniated defect or hole, mesh in the abdomen is shot with staples in the muscle tissue generally.

Treatment at B.P Poddar

B.P Poddar Hospital of Kolkata, India is fitted with state-of-the-art technology to repair abdominal deficiency for inguinal hernia surgery. Our team of surgeons is augmented by advanced technologies to conduct challenging, but inexpensive surgeries. The costs of Inguinal Hernia Surgery are among the lowest relative to the other centers in Kolkata, India at B.P Poddar Hospital.

Keyhole operations tend to be performed in individuals with a shorter recovery time:

i) Is treated earlier and the hernia returned (recurring hernia)

ii) Have simultaneous (bilateral hernias) hernias on both sides.

However, for keyhole surgery rather than the open procedure, the chances of extreme injuries such as a doctor unintentionally injuring the intestine are greater.

After both surgeries, the probability of your hernia return is close.