Percutaneous nephrolytomy (PCNL) is a slight wound puncture (up to around 1 cm) in the skin to extract stones from the kidney. It is perfect for extracting stones greater than 2 cm and present near the pelvic area. General anaesthesia or spinal anaesthesia is commonly practiced.

An urologic method is a retrograde pyelogram which can be used to find the stone in the kidney. The PCN needle is passed through the kidney pelvis with a tiny 1 cm incision at the far end. Fluoroscopy confirms the location of the needle. A guide wire is transferred through the pelvis via the needle. The needle is then removed in the pelvis with the lead wire. The dilators are passed over the lead wire and a work sheet is shown. There is then an internal nephroscope, and small stones are extracted. If the stone is big, it should be split first with ultrasound samples and then the stone fragments taken away.

Procedure of the surgery

It has been achieved with many cases in the last few years and is known as the norm of care for patients with large, solid or resistant kidney stones. As such, in the vast majority of patients it has substituted open surgeries for kidney stones.

Operation is usually 3 to 4 hours in length. A slight 1 cm incision is made on the patient’s flank (Figure 1). The procedure is performed. Under the x-ray guidance, a tube is inserted in the renal via the incision. A small telescope moves through the tube so that the stone can be viewed, broken down and separated from the body. If required it may be used before a laser or other instrument called a lithotripter to crack the stone. In contrast to stone treatment, this technique led to substantially decreased postoperative discomfort, shorter hospital stay and early return to work and everyday activities.

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