A laminotomy and discectomy is the standard technique of treating a slipped disc. This minimally invasive operation is carried out by incision through the region of the herniated disc down the middle of the back. The muscles are pushed to the side of the back of the vertebrae so that the surgeon can see them. The right vertebra can be needed to ensure X-rays during surgery. On the back of the spinal column, the doctor cuts a small hole in the lamina bone. This technique helps the doctor to see into the spinal canal and to operate inside it. When the problem disc is found, the surgeon may remove it, lower the backpressure and relieve irritation. To erase as many as possible, small instruments are used. This avoids potential herniation of the residual record content. To fix your current condition, your doctor may suggest surgery on your back. The procedure is known as laminectomy and/or discectomy. The removal of laminectomy between the discs of the spine is the removal of the spongy or laminectomy to help alleviate the signs of an injured disc. The replacement of the wounded disc is a discectomy.


The damaged portion of your spine is incised on the back (cut). The nerve roots extract a small portion of the discs and bones. The extent of the incision depends on the number of vertebras or spine segments impacted. Either with metal staples or stitches, the cut is locked. The metal stapler is subsequently extracted. The procedure takes 1-3 hours for laminectomy.

Typically, laminectomy includes a hospital stay. Procedures can differ according to your condition and the procedures of your doctor. A laminectomy is possible under general anesthesia and during spinal anesthesia. You will be awake. You won’t feel from the waist when spinal anesthesia is used. There are new therapies that can make an ambulatory laminectomy under local anesthesia. This will be addressed in advance with the psychiatrist.

Treatment in B.P Poddar:

The newest and most up-to-date Laminectomy and Discectomy technology are given for the care of the herniated discs by BP Podder Hospital, Kolkata, India. Our team of Neuro Surgeons delivers sophisticated scientific compliments for difficult yet inexpensive neurosurgery. Laminectomy and discectomy are among the least costly in B.P Poddar Hospital in contrast to the other centers in Kolkata, India. The surgeon will take any of the discs and/or bone over the nerve roots during an operation called a discectomy, which presses the nerve root to relieve discomfort, normally the pain induced by leg pain from a herniated disc in the back. This operation is usually conducted on an ambulatory basis, with an incision of one inch in the center of the back below. In addition to offering low-cost affordable packages for laminectomy and Discectomy Surgery, B.P. Podder Hospital, Kolkata, India also offers a high-tech infrastructure for spinal surgery, spinal stenosis, laminectomy surgery, cervical spine surgery, fracture, disc repair, etc.

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