Mandibulectomy is the reduction of the mandibular portion of the jaw bone. This is used whether the cancer affects or is above the bone of the jaw. The deficiency is reconstructed from another part of the body with metal plates and/or bones. The patient sees their team of healthcare staff before the procedure, including the surgeon, an oncologist (chemotherapy manager if needed), radiation oncologist (radiation therapy manager if necessary) and a speech pathologist and speech therapist. A strategy is drawn up together so that everyone knows the expectations, treatment, and care of the patient.

There are threats to an operation; the physicians can speak about particular risks.

  • The lower jawbone is the mandible. This is necessary to retain the face shape and help the teeth firmly while you are chewing.
  • The mandible has an essential nerve that passes along its centre (inferior alveolar nerve). The tissue on your lower lip, jaw, and lower teeth looks like this nerve.

Reconstruction would be done in order to preserve the jaw functioning and its very natural external appearance if a whole portion of the jawbone has to be separated and the full thickness of the jawbone is reduced. In a later procedure occasionally restoration happens.

Why did you need MANDIBULECTOMY?

  • Mandibulectomy is normally required in patients with or close to a cancer in the jaw. Often half of the jaw should be removed for benign ( non-cancerous) jaw cancers or where part of the bone died as a result of radiation treatment.
  • Cancer is eliminated together to minimize the risk that any cancer cell is left behind in the immediate region of natural tissue.
  • A specialist pathologist who can submit a thorough analysis on the cancer within a week or two tests the tissue being removed under the microscope. This helps the cancer team reliably treat your cancer and assess whether you need further care to minimize cancer risk (adjuvant therapy).

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