A mastoidectomy is an operation that extracts the mastoid air cells that have been diseased. The mastoid is the ear’s part of the brain. The air cells are packed with bone and appear like a sweet comb. Diseased cells are also the product of a contracting ear infection in the cranium. It may also be used to extract an irregular ear development called cholesteatoma.

How mastoidectomy is performed?

A general anaesthesia is normally taken by the doctor. This makes you sleep and can not sense pain. Your surgeon will normally conduct a basic mastoidectomy:

  • Click on a cut behind your ear to reach your mastoid bone.
  • Place the mastoid bone with a microscope and a tiny drill.
  • To keep the surgical region free of bone particles, use sucking irrigation.
  • Emission of  the air cells infected.
  • Remove the place of activity.
  • To keep the wound clean and dry, cover the spot with gauze.
  • During the operation, the doctor can also use a facial nerve monitor. It aims to minimise facial nerve damage.

Complications of chronic otitis media (COM) can be treated by mastoidectomy. COM is the middle ear’s ongoing ear infection. An on-going infection can be a symptom of a cholesteatoma, which is a skin cyst. Over time, the cyst expands and can lead to extreme issues, like:

  • Brains abscess
  • Sordidity
  • Vertigo, dizziness
  • Facial nerve injury causing paralysis of the face
  • Brain membrane meningitis or inflammation
  • Inflammation of the inner ear or labyrinthitis
  • Drainage of the ear

A mastoidectomy for acochlear implant may also be performed by the doctor. This tiny, complicated electronic gadget will make you feel sound whether you’re intensely sour or hard to hear.

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