Mitral valve repair and Mitral valve replacement (MVR) are treatments for treating mitral valve disease – the valve between the left and left chambers. If you have a mitral valve disorder, mitral valve repair or mitral valve replacement surgery can finally be appropriate to cure the condition. There are various forms of mitral valve disease. The treatment of mitral valve disease relies on the patient’s severity. Physicians may propose surgery for certain people with mitral valve disease to restore or substitute mitral valves. Several surgeries, including open-heart or minimally invasive heart surgery, are required for reconstruction or removal of mitral valves.


The artificial valve operates most likely on a natural valve after a diseased Mitral valve is removed, which enables blood to flow into the heart more naturally. Most patients feel better following treatment and have an increased quality of life. The effect of the Mitral Valve repair depends on the heart and general health of the person, including other conditions of health. Many mitral valves, particularly if they leak because of degenerative disease, can be remedied. However, the valve is in many cases too weakened to allow for replacement and the valve requires a prosthetic valve to be replaced. Rheumatic disease-damaged valves also need to be patched.

Problems with the mitral valve are seldom caused by a birth defect, otherwise considered a congenital disorder. Simple wear and tear will most frequently lead to the breakdown of any of the valve mechanisms. The word “degenerative disease” is used. This may refer to age development, but this disorder is also common to many young adults.

How is it performed in B. P. Poddar?

The doctor can prescribe mitral valve replacement when the patient’s mitral valve can not be fixed.

In general, the substitution of mitral valves during the opening:

  • The procedure takes 4 to 6 hours under general anesthesia.
  • In the center of the patient’s chest, the doctor makes an incision. The doctor splits your breastbone to reach the nucleus.
  • The patient is fixed to a heart-lung unit by the surgical team. During the operation, this unit behaves like a heart and lung.
  • The surgeon removes and substitutes with a new valve the mitral heart valve.
  • The service team then eliminates the coronary.
  • Finally, the squad sketches together with the breastbone.

In general, 2 – 3 days are spent in the treatment unit where intravenous ( IV) medicines, nutrients, and fluids are given. Similarly, oxygen may be provided to other tubes that drain urine from the bladder and drain fluid from blood to the heart and chest.

A patient’s health is tracked and signs of infection are found in the criteria listed. Every crucial thing is frequently tracked. The patient may be advised by the care staff periodically to step up activity and conduct breathing exercises during their rehabilitation. The doctor provides instructions for taking care of incisions, drugs, and the management of pain and any side effects following the surgery during the recovery.

The recovery period depends on the treatment, physical wellbeing, and any complications prior to the procedure. The doctor may encourage the patient to not drive the car or to elevate anything longer than 10 pounds over the span of several weeks. B.P Poddar is performing a lot of heart surgery in Kolkata with high frequency. The members of the team, led by experienced physicians and leading surgeons, are outstanding surgeons and aestheticians.

B.P Poddar has two whole emergency patient cardiac treatment units. Of the overall number of operating theatres, 4 are devoted to heart surgery from a valve repair to congenital defect correction. Surgical capabilities are accompanied by specialized post operating treatment, rendering B.P Poddar one of the top hospitals for high-risk cardiac procedures.

B.P Poddar has specialized integrated steel operating theatres and is entirely fitted for the comfort of surgeons with the new state-of-art instrument. The goal is not only to extend life but also to guarantee the quickest possible restart of all daily activities.

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