Myomectomy is an operation to remove uterine fibroid, sometimes referred to as Leiomyomas. These are normal noncancerous growths, which typically develop during puberty but can occur at any point of age in the uterus. The surgeon would seek to remove fibroids causing symptoms and to repair the uterus. In comparison to hysterectomy that removes the full utero, only the fibroids are removed and uteroid intact.

Why and when would the cost of the procedure be myomectomy?

Your doctor can prescribe Myomectomy for fibroids that cause symptoms or impair your daily operation. If you require a procedure, the following reasons for choosing a myomectomy are:

  • You intend to plan  a child.
  • Your doctor suspects that your fertility may interfere with uterine fibroids
  • You want to maintain your womb

The surgery is conducted by a gynaecologist. The myomectomy procedure is conducted by specialist surgeons at B.P Poddar Hospital in Kolkata , India.

What are the Myomectomy Procedure Results?

Myomectomy findings can include:

  • Relief of the symptoms: Most patients experience relief of symptoms and signs such as prolonged menstrual hemorrhage and pelvic pain and discomfort following a myomectomectomy procedure.
  • Fertility enhancement: The elimination of hysteroscopic Myomectomy submucosal fibroids will increase fertility and pregnancy outcomes.

During the procedure, the doctor prescribes oral pain relief and addresses limits on your diet and behaviors when you are released from the hospital. You will need to stop walking, heavy things, stairs or actively operate before you heal entirely. You will need to avoid a few tasks.

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