Physiotherapy may be characterized by treating the underlying physical conditions which is a therapeutic approach that relies on movement science and helps patients recover, sustain and optimize their physical power, work, motion, and general health.

A comprehensive treatment, fitness, and wellbeing package that fits the personal needs of the patient are developed by our professional physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists.

Our department provides the preparation required to fulfill the full spectrum of disability-prevention patient care obligations. We still put a great deal of focus on restoring the physically-impaired functionality.

Physiotherapists, as specialists, are experts in physiotherapy for:

  1. Prevention of accident and handicap;
  2. Acute and chronic diseases management; management
  3. Develop the physical output and sustain it;
  4. Injury treatment and illness or injury effects;
  5. To advise patients to prevent injuries from occurring again.

Physiotherapy at B.P Poddar

B.P Poddar offers a variety of physical medicine and recovery programs at the Department of Physiotherapy & refurbishment. Our focus includes the remedy of stroke survivors, brain paralysis infants, athletic accidents, and chronic pain. One of the major characteristics of the department is our capacity to treat old age illnesses and to get elderly people back on their feet as quickly as possible.

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