The incision of a bladder neck (B.N.I.) and urethrotomy is a surgical treatment for men with reduced urinary stream and urine complications due to bladder neck stenosis or urethral rigidity.

For different causes, such as prior surgery, catheterization or trauma, scarrying may occur inside the urine. Scarring that happens in the throat of the bladder where the prostate is attached is known as ‘bladder neck stenosis’ and cicatrization is called ‘urethral stricture’ inside the urethra itself. These two ways of cicatrisation allow the urethra to narrow, almost like a rubber strip is put around the urethra. The following signs may be caused by this reduction:

a) Slight stream

b) frequency, (need constantly to be void)

c) Emergency (in a panic, the need to void)

d) Nocturia (need to stand up for void in the night)

e) Unfinished bladder clearing.

Bladder obstruction may lead to incomplete vacuuming because of a bladder neck stenosis or urethral rigidity. The urinary build-up in the bladder will expand the bladder over an extended period of time to cause the urine to register to the kidneys causing kidney damages, which will impair your overall health. However, the surgery is usually needed due to the previously described disagreeable symptoms.

Why B.P Poddar?

The new and sophisticated technology is given for Bladder Neck Resection by B.P Poddar Hospital, Kolkata, India. It is an operation that corrects urine flow in men with reduced urinary flow and faces urine complications. Advanced equipment complements our urological team to complete diverse and inexpensive urological operations. Bladder Neck Resection Surgery is one of the lowest costs at B.P Poddar Hospital compared to the other centres in Kolkata, India.

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