A single-chamber ventricular pacemaker can also be programmed into a two-chamber pacemaker, where only a single lead is placed inside the ventricle in VVI mode. Until inhibited by a critical case, the VVI mode offers a single-chamber inhibited speed at the scheduled pace rate. Just the ventricle is impaired by sensing. After all ventricular sensing or pacing, an escape period begins. In the first part of the interval, the pharmacist can feel a signal during the refractory stage. The exhaust interval is not recycled by a signal in this refractory time. This refractory time is needed to prevent a random or paced QRS complex with the double sensing. The timing and recycling of escaping intervals are inhibited by a signal sensed at this time


A pacemaker is a little unit that frequently makes the heart work. This is achieved with a tiny electrical pulse that regulates the pulse. Under your skin, under the collarbone, your doctor will implant the computer on your face. It’s connected with tiny wires to your heart. You may have to have one to beat your heart properly. It allows the body to obtain the requisite blood, oxygen, and food. Some patients only require a pacemaker (such as after a heart attack) for a limited period, and can even have a form outside the skin. The device can be worn on a belt for this form.

An artificial cardiac pacemaker, which can provide stimulation adapting to those parameters independently of the aura, is a single chamber VVIR pacemaker. These are sensors in which a person’s physical activity adjustments automatically adapt.

How is it performed in B. P. Poddar?

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VVIR Pacemaker Single Chamber: Know the price and more details


  • Hospital Stay for 3 days
  • Medicines, household goods & procedural / package analysis
  • Team Fees for Physicians
  • Operation theater Costs Service

Does not include

  • Pacemaker′s Expense
  • Bed charges after three days (Stents & Balloon expenses to be paid as necessary at actuals)
  • Health Care Not specifically connected to the process/kit.
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