Total knee replacement is an operation by which an artificial substance removes the diseased knee joint. The end of the femur bone is removed and substituted with a metal shell during a total knee replacement. The bone (tibia) of the lower leg is removed and substituted for a channeled plastic part with a stem in metal. A plastic button may also be added under the kneecap surface, depending on the condition of the kneecap portion of the knee joint. Prosthesis is referred to as the certification elements of a total knee replacement.

Knee substitution is the highest and most active orthopedic procedure currently in B.P Poddar Hospital, with maximum patients showing better outcomes and no incidents of infection. Knee replacement operating at a cost less than other hospitals in Kolkata is done regularly by B.P Poddar.


Both sides of the knee are removed in complete knee replacement. It takes 1 to 3 hours for the procedure:

  • To reveal the kneecap, your surgeon will cut down the front of your leg. Then the patient is pushed to the left so that the surgeon can reach the knee behind him.
  • The broken bones and polished ends of the leg are cut off. The ends are weighed and formed exactly in order to complement the prosthesis. In order to verify if the joint works right, a dumb joint is put. The bone ends are washed, and the final prosthesis modifications are made.
  • A curved piece of metal covers the end of your thigh bone and a rectangular metal plate replaces the end of your shin bone. This is repaired with a special “cement” bone or handled to allow the bone to fuse with the replacements. Between the bits of metal, there is a rubber spacer. This functions like cartilage, which decreases friction as the joint travels.
  • Depending on the causes for removal, the back of the knee cap will also be replaced.

The wound is closed with stitches or clips and the wound is dressed. In rare situations, your leg is splinted, but you are normally advised to move your knee earlier rather than later.

How is it performed in B. P. Poddar?

B.P Poddar’s Orthopedics department aims to offer the most recent treatments and surgical procedures for orthopedics. Team B.P Poddar performs operations that include recent arthroscopic techniques and reconstruction, including major joint replacements.

Knee replacement is the most effective and reliable orthopedic operation at present with an improved result reported by 97% of patients. B.P Poddar performs knee replacement operations on a regular basis at the lowest cost in Kolkata. This surgery is performed at an economical rate by B.P Poddar, the most rated knee replacement surgeon.

The bulk of daily tasks, such as shopping and light daily works, can be  resumed by patients 3 to 6 weeks after surgery. It is also possible to drive for three weeks if people are able to curl their knees far enough to sit in the car if there is adequate muscle strength to work the brakes even accelerators and if drugs appear not to be used. Patients may perform various low-impact exercises during their rehabilitation, for example, walking, swimming, tennis, or cycling. Patients should be careful not to have higher impacts – for example, jogging, skiing, tennis, and jumping, etc. It typically takes about 3 months to fully heal from surgery.

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