BCG Vaccination

BCG TB Vaccine

A vaccination for tuberculosis (TB) is called Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG). In the US, this vaccination is not frequently utilised. However, in other nations where TB is widespread, it is frequently administered to babies and young children. BCG does not always shield individuals from contracting TB.

Recommended by BCG

Only those who satisfy particular requirements and in consultation with a TB expert are given the option of receiving BCG in the United States. If medical professionals have any queries regarding BCG vaccination for their patients, they should contact their state's or region's TB control programme.


Children who have had a negative TB test and are regularly exposed to germs should only be considered for the BCG vaccine if they cannot be segregated from adults who have the disease.

  • Are not being treated for their TB condition or are being treated ineffectively, and the kid cannot get long-term primary preventive therapy for TB infection; or
  • Have strains of tuberculosis that are rifampin- and isoniazid-resistant.

Health Professionals

Health care providers should be given the BCG vaccine individually in environments where

  • Infection with TB strains that are resistant to both isoniazid and rifampin affects a large proportion of TB patients;
  • continuous transfer of drug-resistant TB strains to healthcare personnel increases the risk of further infection;
  • Although extensive measures to prevent TB infections have been taken, they have not proved effective.

The dangers and advantages of both the BCG vaccine and the treatment of latent TB infection should be discussed with healthcare personnel who are considering becoming vaccinated against BCG.

TB Testing in BCG-Vaccinated Individuals

There are many Indians who were vaccinated against BCG who were born abroad.

A TB skin test may be administered to those who have already received the BCG vaccine to check for TB infection. A BCG vaccination may result in a positive TB skin test outcome. A BCG vaccine or an infection with the TB bacterium may be to blame for a positive result on a TB skin test.

Contrary to TB skin tests, TB blood tests (IGRAs) are unaffected by past BCG vaccination and are not anticipated to provide a false-positive result in BCG recipients.

The TB skin test is favoured over the TB blood test for children under the age of five.

Only the presence of the TB bacterium is revealed by a positive TB skin test or TB blood test. It cannot determine if a person has TB illness or a latent infection. To determine whether a person has TB illness, more tests are required, such as a chest x-ray and a sputum sample.

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