Long Covid- Much more than we think

What is Long Covid?

Long covid is a condition where people diagnosed with Covid 19 long term symptoms. Featuring symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, joints aches, neurological, respiratory problems along with hypertension and so on.

How much Long Covid lasts?

Post-acute covid 19 seems to be a multisystem disease extending 3 weeks up to 12 weeks. Around 10% patients tested positive who remain unwell even after three weeks.

What tests are required?

Blood tests like C   reactive protein, ferritin, troponin, D dimer, chest X ray are done as well.                

Does Vaccination help to prevent long covid?

Vaccination process helps to prevent long covid symptoms by contracting the virus. An important role of vaccination is to maintain safety and efficacy level which is intended to human use.   As WHO is working along with their partners around the world to facilitate equitable safety access against Covid 19.

What are long Covid problems?

According to WHO, patients who have gone through severe covid infection experience problems in several body organs like eye, throat, lungs, heart and brain.

Case study reveals that 81% of covid 19 patients reported ocular issues with in just two weeks. 18% patients are reported photophobia where as 17% are reported itchy eyes.

A recent survey of general practitioners reveals sore throat, runny nose, headache, nasal problems along with cough, fever and shortness of breath.

Covid 19 can cause lung complications such as acute respiratory distress syndrome, pneumonia along with long term damage to the tiny alveoli within the lungs. The scar tissue can lead to long term breathing problems in the affected individuals.

Even within the youth individuals Covid 19 can cause strokes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease where as some children experience multi system inflammatory syndrome.

Covid 19 can also affect prolonged damage with in the blood cells more likely to clotting and clumping off. Large clots can cause heart attacks, strokes.

Which safety measures should be taken by us to restrict Long Covid?

One thing needs to be kept in mind while recuperating from Long Covid. You are not contagious neither do you carry the virus in your body. But that should not restrict us from wearing masks, practicing social distancing and following Covid appropriate behaviors. A proper discipline in our lifestyle is the best possible way to come out from the clutches of Long Covid.

Right Diet: Always consult your dietician/Doctor before altering your food habits, but in genral, your food should be rich in protein, take sufficient leafy vegetables and fruits. Minimize proteins from animal source and increase from plant based sources. Soyabean, Legumes etc are good options. Eat atleast two helpings of fresh fruits daily. Drink atleast 8 glasses of water.

Exercise: Although fast fatigue is one of the major symptoms of Long Covid, at least try some mild to moderate aerobic exercises to improve your lung and heart function. Yoga is another very good practice for overall health recovery post Covid

Manage Stress and Sleep Patterns: 8 hours is great but a 7 hours of sound sleep should be bare minimum on a daily basis. This helps keep the cortisol levels in check and helps the body recover faster and better.

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