Take The Shot-Shoot Out Covid 19

[cmsmasters_row][cmsmasters_column data_width="1/1"][cmsmasters_text shortcode_id="8p2xxk0w7" animation_delay="0"] Get the Shot..Shoot out Covid-19 We all know that the Covid positive cases crossed the landmark figure of 1 lakh per day on 4th April. This is by far the highest toll on a single day since the onset of Covid onslaught. But now we are having the weapon to curb the Covid-19 menace and that weapon is Covid-19 vaccine. We know that GOI have opened up vaccination for any one above 45 years of age. If you are yet to get the first dose, register yourself at the earliest at the CoWIN portal and enroll for the Vaccination. Get Vaccinated. Protect Your Family and others. Together we can and will fight out Covid-19. [/cmsmasters_text][/cmsmasters_column][/cmsmasters_row]

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